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It is surprisingly easy to live with health problems; almost everyone does it to some degree. ‘Carrying on’ is a basic survival mechanism; if we were unable to function every time we had an ache or felt a tiny bit under the weather then we would never do anything.

It is a sliding scale between an ache and incapacitating pain. The point along that scale at which a problem becomes unacceptable to us, varies from person to person, but that is the point at which ‘wanting’ to feel better becomes ‘needing’ to feel better.

To be inspired enough to take action, to truly ‘need’ to be healthier, is much more than just the idea of wanting to be healthy. Deciding that something must happen brings with it a driving force that makes taking action easier because we are no longer willing to put it off. When a problem has pushed you to the point where you must change, it is the perfect time to take advantage of that driving force, it is the time to do something, to seek help, to take some action, then you will begin to make progress. Everyone feels better for making progress; it is not necessary to be at the final goal, but if you feel you are making progress toward it, you will feel better.

No one needs to make the decision to act until they feel it is absolutely necessary to do so.  When you are ready, take your first step: call someone and make an appointment.