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The Shen-Hammer system of pulse diagnosis - sometimes called Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis™ or "CCPD" - originates from the revered Menghe-Ding-Fei lineage in China. It is an incredibly sophisticated system, passed down, in secret, through the oral tradition of Chinese medicine. In the mid-twentieth century it was brought to the West by famous herbalist and pulse diagnosis master, Dr. John H.F. Shen.

The system was significantly adapted by Dr. Shen over the course of his long and renowned career, during which he saw hundreds of thousands of patients. After an intensive 28-year apprenticeship with Dr. Shen, Dr. Hammer took on the arduous task of codifying and continuing the evolution of this pulse system, he also intensively taught a handful of instructors, enabling them to pass on this system of pulse diagnosis.

Oliver is a senior instructor of the Shen-Hammer pulse system and works extensively with Dr. Hammer; currently they are revising Dr. Hammer’s book, ‘Chinese Pulse Diagnosis - A Contemporary Approach’, as well working on several other books and articles .


Hands-on training is essential to developing the experience, sensitivity, and understanding that are at the heart of pulse diagnosis. Classes are organized to offer progressive development of the knowledge and skills necessary to use pulse diagnosis effectively in clinical practice.


The carefully structured training is comprehensive, guiding students from the basic concepts and skills through advanced training in the subtleties of this art and science. The role of the instructor is to introduce the concepts and provide the hands-on experience necessary to enhance the development of this incredibly useful diagnostic skill.